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Monday 11.11.19

To start off the day, we had maths, in which we marked our mental maths book and did the 6x table. For the next subject, we were reading the class book (Kensuke’s Kingdom) and we were talking about the Americans dropping atomic bombs on Japan-Nagasaki. We also made a power-point about Japan.

Tuesday 12.11.19

Today, we were learning about Sadako Sasaki who heard a legend: If you make 1,000 paper cranes, you can make 1 wish. Once we found out that story, we made our own paper cranes. Next, we had Maths. In Maths, we learnt that remainders have to be smaller than the group.

Wednesday 13.11.19

To start the day, we were making a fact profile for the characters in our class book (Kensuke’s Kingdom). Next, we had maths, in which we did division with remainders.

Thursday 14.11.19

Today, we discussed whether Michael (a character in our class book) should put a message in a bottle. Next, we were answering questions –testing our knowledge- from Kensuke’s Kingdom. After that, we read some of our class book (Kensuke’s Kingdom). To finish off the day, we had Maths, in which we did division.

Friday 15.11.19

This morning, we learnt the meaning of inverted comas. After that, we had Maths, in which we were focusing on the 7x table – and a little bit of division. After that, we had P.E in which we did fitness training.


Rose J and Lily E

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