11 January 2018, Comments: 0

Happy New Year!

On Tuesday, in the morning, we read Stitch Head and we predicted what would happen next. Then in maths, we learned about fractions. We used the words whole, parts and equal. In the afternoon, we used our new spelling books to work out ways to remember spellings. After that, we went on tt rockstars to beat our previous speed.

This Wednesday, we carried on reading Stitch Head then we designed our own posters because one of the characters wants Stitch Head to be in his circus. After break, we learnt more about fractions, about equal parts. In the afternoon, we had Mrs Lovell and we read some more of Stitch Head; it is getting really exiting now! Later we changed for PE and we played dodgeball it was amazing fun.

Today, in the morning, Mrs Crissell came in and did fractions with us. After break, we read more of Stitch Head and it is nearly finished. In the afternoon, we did space art looking at Michael Najjar.

Tomorrow, we will read some more of Stitch Head and we will do maths and literacy. In the afternoon, we will do topic, which is space.


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