14 October 2016, Comments: 0


We stared the day off with fabulous literacy, about the Island in Kensuke’s Kingdom. He is exploring the forest on the island and

we described how he felt. We used similes, metaphors and double adjectives.


In ICT we produced a missing posters for Michael in Kensuke’s Kingdom. We had to say where he was last seen.


We had 16 visitors in Coverdale Class today looking at us doing maths. We showed off and told them what we can do

and we used mental addition to work out calculations to make life easy for ourselves.


In P.E we learnt about different types of roles like teddy bear roles and mushroom roles. We did literacy and we wrote 3ED sentences

about the forest on the island in Kensuke’s Kingdom. In art we made sunsets. We used red and yellow to make a sunset

effect by mixing the colours and gradually we made it get darker.


We did science and then we did French and we did body parts. The year 5 children had a talk about bike safety. And we had

Worship and a man came in and showed us about different musical instruments. Have a fabulous weekend.


By Matthew and Charlie

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