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Monday 16.9.19

Today we started by choosing school ambassadors. Then, in handwriting, we practiced ascenders and descenders. Following that, we did maths. In maths, we were taught to understand place value – 100s, 10s and 1s. Then we flooded into Mrs Wake’s class to practice singing for the young voices contest. Next, we learnt our names in Japanese. Mine was Roozu and Lily’s was Riri.

Tuesday 17.9.19

Today in English we practiced spellings in 3 ways. Also we wrote a story called the greatest library. During English, people were taking photos of us all for our Class photos. Five of us including Rose and Lily E got a photo or two taken in a frame for the U.C.I bike championships. In science, we did an experiment with skittles (colourful sweets), water and a paper plate that was fun! In the end, it created a water rainbow.

Wednesday 18.9.19

Today in English/Art, we decided to do a piece of work to do with the book we are reading, to pack a suitcase for the character in our book – Michael or me. In Maths, we were taught to round to the nearest 10 or 100.

Thursday 19.9.19

This morning we learnt how to use prepositions and semi-colons. In maths today, we learnt how to decompose digit numbers. Then we had are daily run – 3 laps of the playground. After that, we had a fun few games of bench ball. To finish of the day we practiced singing for the young voices contest.

Friday 20.9.19

Today we practiced ball skills in P.E and our daily run – 2 laps of the playground. Followed by going outside, sitting in the peace garden and reading some of our class book.

By Rose J and Lily E

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