17 February 2017, Comments: 0



In maths we worked on equivalent fractions. In assembly we learnt about respect. In our sparkle book we planned our SAVE THE NIDD GORGE!


In I.C.T we wrote a how to keep safe on the internet poster! At the end of the day we got to try people’s learning log homework if they brought it in early! We had space biscuits and cake (photos on our cloakroom board).


In the morning, we did one hour of writing to tell the Council not to build a road through the Nidd Gorge. The afternoon was spent tasting some more space food and looking through our learning logs. In maths we subtracted fractions with a different denominator.



For the last couple of days we have an excuse to eat cake and sweets! It was for our learning log it was the best. We performed a space dance in front of Bishopdale and they said it was great. We marked our literacy books to see if we could improve our work.


Today is the day we break up for half term. In R.E we carried on our journey work! In French, we did an assessment. Luckily our science experiment with swinging cups of water in the air went to plan. It was part of our Gravity experiment.

Have a great week off.

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