16 May 2019, Comments: 0

Coverdale blog


Today we have done some maths including angles we made our own angle eater Lucy made a purple angle eater and that made her show us the song ‘one – eyed one horned flying purple people eater’. We also did a spelling test and learnt about root words.


We have read some Beowulf. It was very amusing! We had French with Mrs Atkinson looking at animals.


It has been a very sporty day. We have done Quadkids training. We carried on looking at angles in maths.


Today we have written a report on our year in Coverdale. We have done identifying triangles and it was exhilarating (for most of us). We had our P.E. lesson outside today as it was so nice.


Today we have done some fun activities.


By Beccy and Chloe

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