21 May 2018, Comments: 0

On Monday, we started our week with a spelling test and our times table test. Then we read about the horrible sea hag in our guided reading book Beowulf. After break, we learnt about what rectangles are in maths. In the afternoon, we practiced for quad kids, which is coming up soon.

This Tuesday morning, in literacy we read Beowulf. Then, in maths, we learnt all about quadrilaterals and parallelograms. In the afternoon, we had loads of fun experimenting how to make bubbles in science.

Wednesday, we started writing our paragraphs about the horrible sea hag from Beowulf. After break, we completed our paragraphs, and then did maths. In maths, we did 2D shapes and we found out what a polygon is. In the afternoon, we had a google hangout with our space friend Jacqueline who explained to us all about the dangers of space junk. This was extremely useful as we are doing an assembly on waste next week.

Thursday morning, we started the day with PE. In PE, we learnt how to play switcheroo. After that, we had English. In English, we learnt about direct speech. We wrote a conversation with Hrothgar and Beowulf and then turned it into direct speech.

Friday, we read more of Beowulf and then after playtime we continued with shape in maths. In the afternoon, we played a game of rounders.

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