19 October 2017, Comments: 0

This week has been busy in Coverdale!

On Monday, we did subtraction in maths and intercepting ball skills in PE. We had our spelling test in the morning. Also we shared learning logs with each other.

This Tuesday everybody enjoyed making up our own potions from Stitch Head. We all went to St John’s Church to have worship. In ICT we went on ttrockstars. Then after that we learnt a new song in music where we used sign language.

On Wednesday, in literacy we used ISPACE openers to describe Michael being deserted on an island. Maths was more subtraction where we had to work out which method was easier. In the afternoon we did science, we did a test then went outside and ran for 15 minutes and did the test again. This was to work out if there was an improvement.

This Thursday, we had Mrs Atkinson and we did problem solving in maths. After we did maths, in literacy, we tried to put conjunctions at the start of the sentence.

We hope you all have a great holiday.


Lucy and William.


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