2 December 2016, Comments: 0

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


In the morning we did a reading assessment with 3 separate topics one topic included guide dogs. In the afternoon PC Nick and PC Emma came in to give out prizes for the poster competition.


Today we had an audience in maths (teachers from other schools). In assembly Mrs Crisell talked about how they learnt in China. She even told us that Shanghai is bigger in population than Australia.


Today we did maths where we learnt the bus stop method which is what you would use for division. In the afternoon we did real PE, different types of PE like standing still for different lengths of time.


We walked up to church and had our advent service and Simon gave us an advent calendar and Leo got to open it. In art we drew some pictures to do with Christmas trees.


The Y5’s marked their mental maths books whilst the Y4’s played a maths game we also had 2 maths tests! In Science we labelled the parts of a plant.

Have a Fabulous week Matthew and Charlie

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