22 December 2017, Comments: 0

This week has been an exciting end to the year!

It is nearly Christmas!

On Monday morning, we had our spelling test. In guided reading, instead of reading something, we watched a Christmas advert which we all loved. We then talked about, answered questions and said what message we thought it gave us about Christmas. In the afternoon, we did a fun maths activity where we tried to work out the value of different presents.

Tuesday morning, we watched another advert; it was Moz the monster from the John Lewis advert. After break, we made cards for all the wonderful people that came and helped us during science week. In the afternoon, we had Mrs Atkinson and we did a colour by numbers Christmas sheet.

Wednesday, we had our Christmas hopes (where we all come together in the hall, each class reads out something that will make the world a more peaceful place) and it was very peaceful. Then in the afternoon, we had our PJ party because we completed our bronze award. We watched nativity 2 danger in the manger.

On Thursday, we walked up to church for our Christmas service and the choir sung a few songs for us. In the afternoon, we had our amazing Christmas party. First, we played some games in the hall and then, we went into our separate classes and had our party food.

Today, we have done some Christmas puzzles and games and we have eaten our leftover party food.



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