24 January 2019, Comments: 0

Happy New Year!

Monday, today we have done some mathematics on fractions. We have also done some reading. Our new class book is called Stitch Head. The character we are focusing on is Fulbert Freakfinder.


Tuesday, today we have read some stitch head! It is a real page-turner! After we did some English about Chris Hadfield, Neil Armstrong and ‘Buzz’Aldrin. It was fun! We are finding some interesting facts. We did some maths with Mrs Crisell. In maths we did subtracting fractions. We really love English and maths. Art is so fun and creative.


Wednesday, today we have done some of our biography on either Neil Armstrong or `Buzz’ Aldrin. Buzz and Neil are both quite interesting and fascinating. We had a class worship and Mrs Atkinson did it. We made straw rockets and launched them in the corridor. Next we will look at how to improve them.


Thursday, today we did some more on our biographies and to top that we did something to do with Stitch Head in our reading journals. We did subtracting fractions with Mrs Styles. We looked at a new crate of books that we have received. We have some great books to read.


Friday, today we did some math and it was great! What an amazing week we’ve had.




    By Rebecca and Chloe

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