24 March 2017, Comments: 0


In maths we are still doing decimals but now we are using money to help and it is working quite well. At the moment we are adding and subtracting money using the column method. Also we have been rounding money to the nearest whole and nearest ten.


In English we are writing letters to our Chinese pen pals and we are going to send them when we’ve finished. The Chinese teacher Aimee had told Mrs Crisell that we should all have a pen pal so we are going to find out who they are in our next letter.


In art we are making rockets out of magazines and paper we printed a few weeks ago and we managed to make amazing designs.



Red nose day

Today is red nose day and we are doing a big school talent show! The talent show isn’t the only thing as we are also at school wearing red (not uniform) and everyone looks amazing! We have all paid a pound which goes towards charity to help others.


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