25 January 2018, Comments: 0

What an exciting week in Coverdale.


On Monday, we had a Canadian teacher in because Mrs Crisell was poorly. In the morning, we saw the fabulous pantomime of Dick Wittington. We also did maths where we learnt about fractions. In the afternoon, we did dodgeball in PE.

This Tuesday, we have had Mrs Atkinson in the morning. We did a biography about Neil Armstrong going to the moon. After, we did maths where we are learning about the eight times table and we did a poster on how to remember it. In the afternoon, Mrs Hayes taught us again and we did ICT.

On Wednesday, we had Mrs Norman because Mrs Crisell was poorly still. In the morning, we did addition of fractions it was fun. After that, we wrote our biography we also got some more facts Neil Armstrong. In the afternoon, we did a google hangout with Jaqueline and William from London University.

Today, we had PE in the morning then we went on the laptops then we looked at a PowerPoint and we had to be a journalist and write as many facts as we could before lunchtime. This afternoon we will be designing a rocket that we will make next week.

Tomorrow, we will be doing literacy, maths and art.


By Lucy and William

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