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On Monday, we did some reading and then designed our own ingredients for a magic potion linked to our class-reading book Stitch Head. For example freshly picked eyeballs covered in mould and gunk.

(Preferably from an old and moody ogre.)


Tuesday we did some mathematics. It was on equivalent fractions. We also are going to write some letters to a celebrity to stop them building a road through the Nidd Gorge. We made some posters about the wildlife and it’s habitat.


Wednesday we have done some maths on equivalent fractions and then we read a little bit more of Stitch Head. As well as that, we have written our first drafts of our letters to the celebrities about the Gorge.


Thursday, today we have planned our lunar literacy on the moon. We did a bit of mathematics. It was fun! We had a sharing worship.


Friday, today we have done star of the week. Using our Lunar Literacy notes, we started our neat writing. It has been a great week!

By Rebecca and Chloe

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