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MONDAY – Moon Week

Today we have done some Mathematics and English. We did angles of a triangle and found out that all of the angles add up to 180 degrees. We looked at how the astronauts would have felt when they landed on the moon. Mrs Crisell came into class to show us the moon! We also held a meteorite.



Today we have done some maths and we learnt more about the moon. Mrs Styles announced that our Science Day is tomorrow! We looked at spirituality with Mrs Atkinson.



Today we have had our Science Day! We made a mini moon and a mini moon box. We have done some professional astronaut training.



Today we have had a shine and share morning where we all swapped classes. We had a special worship to share what we have learnt. We read a little more about Beowulf. Some children from our class are going to Edinburgh for a Science Melt Project.


Do not forget we have two trips next week. Danelaw on Monday and Countryside Day on Tuesday.



By Chloe and Rebecca

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