13 January 2020, Comments: 0

Tuesday 7.1.20

YEYYYY!! We are the new bloggers Oliver and Isla.

Today, we were practicing for young voices which is tomorrow.

We went through all the rules for young voices, then we did English and maths. We are now looking at fractions.

Wednesday 8.1.20

We went to young voices with Nidderdale and our class it was a 1hour and 30mins drive but it was an amazing experience for each and every one of us. There were celebrities such as The shires, Ruti and Tony Hadley.

Thursday 9.1.20

It was a birthday for Lily Ellison! We gave her a birthday card and in the morning we watched a film only 6 people were In the class room then people started coming in around 10 o clock because we were all tired after the concert.


Friday 10.1.20

This morning we did P.E then it was break like normal then we had a cook and he told us about different pastas and we had garlic bread that was amazing then lunch.


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