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Monday 7.10.19

To start of the day, we did practiced spellings that included the phrase “change the y to an i and add es”. English was reading our class book. Today we practiced our 6 times table and subtraction. Also we played a game with cards on heads. Next we had science with a water bead experiment which was really cool!

Tuesday 8.10.19

Today we started with maths to subtract by exchanging and re-grouping. After that, we were thinking about food waste for our Harvest Festival.

Wednesday 9.10.19

We started off with guided reading which included writing a paragraph from a picture. Next, we were going over plurals and singulars and reading some of Kensuke’s Kingdom. After that we had our individual photos. To finish off the day we had art and sketched a realistic head with all the right proportions.

Thursday 10. 10. 19

Today is mental health day. We were talking and discussing about feelings and we all made a feelings fan! Mrs Styles presented a lovely worship about it. Also we participated in yoga some people brought yoga mats (we all wore yellow)!

Friday 11. 10.19

To start of the day we did P.E with mats and bean- bags. After that we did guided reading with inference. Then we participated in art and we drew and wrote the characteristics of me.



Rose J and Lily E

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