7 February 2019, Comments: 0





Today we have done some maths and some more on our letters to the celebrity. They are going quite well. We also did some guided reading. What a great day we have had!


Today we have had a great day doing some mathematics. We have finished our first draft of our letters. We have also done some I.C.T on internet safety. It has been a great day!


This is a marvellous day, because we have done our proper letters to the celebrities and it has been so challenging. We have done some maths looking at mixed number fractions. In art, we made our own colour palette and sketched a Kingfisher.


Today we have done, some English work on I.S.P.A.C.E openers. We have also done some football with Harrogate town to increase the level of activity. Today we have had a visitor from Nidd Gorge community action group and we have shared our letters and artwork with him.


Friday has been fun as always. We have done some mathematics and English.

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