8 November 2018, Comments: 0


Monday, today we did some maths and some reading. Mrs Whitley and Mrs Crisell taught us today. Mrs Styles has broken her ankle! L Luckily, she might be back next week!


Tuesday, today in class we decorated some jars in remembrance of some of the soldiers that fought in World War ll. We got tangrams to use in maths. A delivery of tents, roll mats and telescopes came ready for our overnight space camp.


Wednesday, today we have done maths and read more of Kensuke’s Kingdom. We did a word sheet for Kensuke’s Kingdom so we can collect exciting vocabulary/words. Mrs Crisell set us a task of creating a new wildlife area to replace the old one. We made our own plans that we had to label.

Thursday, today we have done some reading and some maths. We are learning about Roman Numerals. We are using watercolours in art this afternoon.


Friday Mrs Lovell will teach us. We are covering more Roman Numerals and will read more Kensuke’s Kingdom.



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