23 September 2016, Comments: 0

Mrs Crisell’s (bad) jokes are not getting any better!

(Last Friday the date was 16,9,16 – all square numbers)

Monday We did lots of thinking about paragraphs, introductions and conclusions in Literacy.

We also read another chapter of Kensuke’s Kingdom; it’s getting really interesting and makes us think.


We started our Kirfs today with the Brilliant Blues. The Perfect Pinks start theirs next week. In ICT we used

Maths Whizz to help us with our place value.


PE today was indoor athletics where Tom did a huge vertical jump! Javelin, chest push with a ball and

standing jumps were all included.


In maths we rounded to the nearest 10,100, 1,000. Art also included maths with 3d shading

of a sphere. Mrs Harrison took our first class worship today.


We learnt a new song in in French about a tractor. In science we learnt about habitats like

the Rainforest, Antarctica, The Arctic, the Desert and the animals in them.

By Matthew B and Charlie C read it and learn about Coverdale.

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