10 February 2020, Comments: 0

Monday 3rd February

Today we planned our newspaper report about the moon landing in 1969.We found-out that Neil Armstrong was on the moon for 20mins on his own until Buzz (Edwin) Aldrin joined him.


Tuesday 4th February

On Tuesday we wrote our newspaper articles as if we were journalists in 1969. For maths we did equivalent fractions and at the end of the day we had science with Mrs Atkinson.


Wednesday 5th February

A new day with Mrs Lovell, and we learnt about space probes like, Voyager 2 and New Horizon!

In maths we continued with fractions!


Thursday 6th February

On Thursday we had Mrs Lovell and we had shine and share where we mix all the classes up. We then all get together to share what we have done.


Friday 7th February

We had Mrs Crisell today for English and maths. In the afternoon we looked at shelters to withstand extreme conditions for our space topic.

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