7 October 2019, Comments: 0

Monday 30.09.19

Today, we started of the day with spellings – contractions which are two words that are squashed together. We read some of our class book and watched a clip of (oh, oh, oh) “The Funky Gibbon”. We watched that because of a line in our topic book. Next, maths we were adding in four digit numbers – in column addition. After that we designed a poster for a missing character in our class book.

Tuesday 1.10.19

To start the day, we decided if the words in a sentence were verbs or nouns. After that, we drew a map of our class books description. Next we did science and we made bubbles and blew them on the off the day we practiced YV- Young Voices- YAY!

Wednesday 2.10.19

In English today, we used a fantastic story starter to use brackets effectively. In maths today we were adding 4 digit numbers. After that, in groups we made posters about reducing food waste in school.

Thursday 3.10.19

Today in English, we found out the meaning of 19 (large and exiting) words in the dictionary. Next, in maths, we did a mental strategies sheet. After we finished up on science-bubbles.

Friday 4.10.19

To start the day, we did P.E – workouts and some yoga. In English we made a list of items of what we would take on a desert island with – – , , ( ) (parenthesis). This afternoon we were doing art – emotions expressed using faces. After that, we were learning about wellbeing – friendship, trust and honesty.

By Rose J and Lily E.

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