23 November 2017, Comments: 0

On Monday, in the morning we had our spelling test. After lunch, we had a shine and share afternoon. We went to different classes to learn about different people who work for peace and then came together to show our work.

This Tuesday, we did multiplication and we planned for our Switch Off Fortnight posters. In the afternoon we had French with Mrs Atkinson and we were learning about the different months of the year.

Wednesday, we had fourteen teachers come in and watch our maths lesson, we learned about place value. Later, we planned our designs for our Switch Off Fortnight posters.

Today, we have had Mrs Jeffries in the morning. We finished our plans for our Switch Off Fortnight posters and played hockey in PE. This afternoon we did maths, then we looked at and drew a Japanese blossom tree.

Tomorrow, we will read some more of Kensuke’s Kingdom, after we have completed our Switch Off Fortnight posters on the computers in our ICT lesson. In the afternoon we will do art and do our Japanese trees using ink.


Lucy and William

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