29 March 2020, Comments: 0

We hope you have enjoyed the weekend and have managed an opportunity for some fresh air. We are thinking about you all and hope that you are finding a balance between learning and time together.

Many of the teachers enjoyed an online course about learning outside, especially science. It seemed strange watching video clips rather than doing it ourselves! However it has given us lots of good ideas about how we can use our beautiful school grounds and new wild life area. We have been hearing about how gardening is good for our well being too. Maybe you have already done this. A challenge for you this week is to identify five plants growing outdoors. There are lots of useful apps that can help with this but we like plantnet and plant snap. You can use them on indoor plants too.

We have put some new maths activities on maths with parents. Each week we will put a selection on. Choose something that you would like to refresh. We are not putting on any new learning but you may have to think hard to apply what you know. Don’t forget TT Rockstars and if you would like a further maths challenge we suggest choosing a problem from nrich.org. Last year’s Coverdale were great fans of ” factors and multiples.”

If you are keeping a diary, please continue to do so. We think you will really enjoy looking back on these. Who knows they may become first hand evidence to help historians in the future!

As last week, please complete your mental maths and reading comprehension. We will post the answers for you to mark to last week’s tomorrow. Keep reading and recording in your reading diary. If you finish a book you could complete a book review. Don’t forget audible has lots of free books on it at the moment too. Look at the key word spellings from the middle of your reading diary. If you were learning five last week then ask someone to test you on them and pick five more. If there is one from last week that is still catching you out then practise again this week.

Please keep in touch and email us anytime on coverdale@richardtaylor.ycway.uk

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