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Welcome to Summer Term!

The sun is shining, tulips are blooming, birds are tweeting and there’s not much left of our Easter chocolate. This can mean only one thing…Summer Term is here! Despite being an unconventional first week ‘back to school’, we would like to welcome you all.

We are missing you all. You might recognise a few faces if you follow this link!



This term we will be providing and sharing work using See Saw, rather than TEAMs. Please email us on coverdale@richardtaylor.ycway.uk if you need any help with this. You may also use this email at any time.

Looking Up in Lock Down Project!

To kick-start our learning this week, we want to get everyone involved in an exciting class project. In our school, we are always talking about the ‘5 Ways To Wellbeing’. In other words, if we all make deliberate efforts to do these 5 things, we will be happier- and scientific studies have proved it! Can you remember what they all are?



We’re pretty sure that everyone is able to find at least one way of improving their wellbeing during this strange time in history- and we want to hear about it!

Think about:

  • What you notice outside in the environment. What changes are happening? What makes you smile? What interests you? What makes you wonder? You could think about the global environment and changes around the world.
  • How you keep active. What are you doing? Are you practising any new skills?
  • How you connect with people. Are you enjoying spending more time with your parents? How are you keeping in touch with others?
  • Ways that you can give to others. Are you helping with jobs around the house? Drawing rainbows and thank you signs to display in your window? Maybe writing letters to friends or family you cannot see right now? Picking up litter on your daily walks.
  • How you are keeping up with learning. You could send a review for a comic, magazine, website article, book or science experiment? Record or create a tutorial for an area of maths or even a journal entry for a ‘Day in the life of Lockdown 2020’. Why don’t you interview a member of your family about something?

Tell us by:

Pictures, Powerpoints, photos, blogs, vlogs, word documents…anything goes!

You can either upload onto ‘SeeSaw’ or email us.

Our aim is to create a powerpoint featuring all of your responses. We want this to be something to go down in history!

Other home learning this week

We recognise that everyone is in a unique situation at home. Some of you may have a parent who is available to help lots of the time, whereas some of you will have parents who are also working from home. Please get the balance right for your family. We are responding to emails daily, so any questions or help that is needed, we are on hand.


Please continue to complete a page of your mental maths book each week and to use TTRockstars to keep your times tables sizzling.

We have put some new activities on Maths with Parents and My Maths. Logins for My Maths will be sent out this week, if you would like to do some extra. We are really pleased to see that you are enjoying the Maths with Parents activities. My Maths also include tutorials and activities that can all be completed online.

We can also recommend the White Rose free lessons and activities, however these work best where an adult is sitting alongside you.


Year 5, please complete a weekly comprehension from your book.

We are going to use the Pobble 365 resources too. We have uploaded a picture as a stimulus with accompanying questions on to See Saw.

We hope you are still recording what you are reading. It is a great opportunity to get lost in a book. If you have a recommended read then we would love to hear about it. Don’t forget that you can download books for free on Audible too.

We would like you to continue to work on the spelling lists in the middle of your reading records. Can you find some with a similar theme? Choose 5 tricky ones to focus on each week. Remember to be creative and imaginative with your spellings to make that learning stick.



Have a look at starters for STEM. We would like you to choose one activity that interests you. Whilst we’ve been busy gardening in the Wild Life area we’ve found all sorts of fascinating worms. I wonder what You’ve noticed?


Have a look at the forth activity, “Sink or Swim”. You may remember that we investigated an orange during science week. Please share your findings with photos, comments, even a video on See Saw.

We think this will keep you all very busy, whilst having fun. BBC Bitesize are launching their online lessons this week for all ages. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize You might like to take a look.

We are looking forward to hearing from you on See Saw this week. We hope you have recharged your batteries and are ready to go! As always, any questions, just ask.


Mrs Crisell and Mrs Styles.

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