16 January 2017, Comments: 0

Ni hao!

Last week we welcomed Vicky and Amee who are maths teachers from Shanghai.

Vicky is teaching us lots of addition and subtraction maths to 20 and it is such fun! We are learning how to do calculations really quickly by looking to eg. make 10 within the sum. Now we know why it is important to learn all our number facts! New Year resolution for Dentdale: make sure we know them “quick as a click”!

We have had lots of visitors, from other classes and other schools, who all want to know more about Shanghai maths teaching and to see Dentdale doing maths. We are very lucky to have one more week of Vicky’s teaching.

In art we used cocktail sticks, raisins and marshmallows to create sculptures- how exciting! It was tempting to eat them as we created some intricate structures though!

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