4 November 2016, Comments: 0

In Dentdale on the 1st week back they have done loads! These are some of the things they have done:

Maths They have been learning about subtraction and it can be hard for year 2’s.

Dentdale has changed their café to an ITALIAN CAFÉ! It has Italian food on the plates ready for you to eat. Since they have been learning about Italy, Mrs Wright taught them how to speak Italian. They now know how to say hello- “ciao“.

In ICT they used “paint” to make any flavour ice cream. Then they printed it off and put it in the Italian café.

Literacy We are learning the poem Spaghetti! Spaghetti!

Art In art we made Italian flags. The colours of the Italian flag are green- white-red.


PE. Six children from Dentdale (and four from Ribblesdale) went on Wednesday to the Grammar school, to take part in a fun sporting event. Well done Joseph for getting the ‘Determination’ wrist band. Everyone was proud of them. Have a look at the photos on the website.

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