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We hope you are all safe and well. Thank you all so much for all your wonderful work and activities you did last week with your grown ups. It was so lovely to see you all! Seesaw is a great way for us to keep in touch and hope you like it too!


This week our theme is Spring and Easter!

*Be Spring Detectives! Look for signs of new life in the garden and draw some pictures. We have a whole school science challenge this week- download the free app plantnet This helps to identify plants.  Find 5 plants/trees you can see in your garden. Record however you like and upload onto Seesaw!

*Do some gardening with a grown up.

*Get arty! Make an Easter card for your family. Make another one and give it to someone who may need cheering up (one of our 5 ways to wellbeing). Check with your parents first! Use the card you brought home from school and be as creative as you can – post your results on Seesaw!

*MATHS: This week have a go at Maths Week 1 day 2 – money, day 3 change and day 5 adding 2 digit numbers.

Scroll down to look at the Learning Reminders with a grown up and to find the practice sheets (choose either ‘mild’ or ‘hot’). There are also “A bit stuck” activities if you want more practice to help your understanding.

Enjoy! (We don’t think they will take you an hour!)

*Make a play shop- be the customer and pay, and the shopkeeper to give change.

*There are lot more things to do on Seesaw too:

Spelling: We have noticed 2 words that lots of you still spell wrong: pretty and beautiful. Write them in rainbow colours, sing the mnemonic to someone, use them in your writing this week. Work hard to learn them! If you can already spell them, collect a list of other words that mean the same.


Love from Mrs Phelan and Mrs Jackson x




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