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We hope you enjoyed finding out about VE day and all had a lovely long weekend.

This week our theme is Native Animals. Keep thinking about the habitats they live in.

Our activities are posted on Seesaw:

*Look at the native nocturnal animal fact files on https://www.ictgames.com/mobilePage/nocturnal/index.html

*Research another native animal and make your own fact file.

*Find out the names of animal babies and write a list- there are some really surprising ones!

*Read the information on Helpful Bats

* Get creative! Make an animal mask

* Read some animal poems and stories

*Watch the Owl Babies video: https://vimeo.com/55971653 There are lots of activities linked to this book listed on:


…… the Noah’s Ark Story of course! (especially for Dentdale’s three Noahs!)

Maths this week

This week we are changing to using BBC Bitesize for our daily maths activity. Unfortunately, just as we got used to White Rose Maths, it has been withdrawn as a free resource. The daily link to BBC Bitesize will be on Seesaw. There is usually a video explaining the maths, a couple of activities to do from it and maybe a game. Let us know how you get on with it this week.

*Our maths challenge this week is a legs investigation! Check out Seesaw to have a go!


Our key spellings this week are badger hedgehog…. Note the dge spelling pattern.

Write them in different colours for the vowels and consonants, think about the shapes of the words, write them in capital letters… use them in your writing this week. There is an activity on Seesaw to revise ge/dge spelling patterns.

If you can already spell them, collect a list of other animal words and make your own word bank (in alphabetical order too!).

**Don’t forget to look at the Well Being tab on the RTS homepage. There are some great resources listed.

**Another great resource to support home learning (science, maths, computing, D&T) is https://www.stem.org.uk/home-learning

Remember to look out for the science investigation on Thursday and also worship on Wednesday, as well as Mr Phelan’s Tuesday Challenge….

Keep safe and well and d HAVE FUN!

Love from Mrs Phelan and Mrs Jackson x


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