12 April 2019, Comments: 0

Wow, we have all made it to the end of term! What a busy final 2 weeks!

Last week we held our knights and princesses day to celebrate the end of the very popular Castles topic. We had a great day building castles, making hats and learning a medieval dance with Mrs Zealand. In the afternoon we had medieval entertainment in the “Great Hall” with the Lord and Lady and their special guests (including Mrs Amella our class Governor).

We enjoyed learning to play cricket and continued to beat our personal best in PE.

This week was all about Easter with the whole school Shine and Share, and then a ‘Reflections’ worship where each class said sorry for something. Dentdale wanted to stop so much plastic going into the sea so we said sorry for forgetting to take a bag to the shops. On Wednesday was the KS1 Easter day with mixed age groups working together on an aspect of the Easter story.

Have a lovely holiday and a happy Easter from the Dentdale team!

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