27 June 2019, Comments: 0

This week has been sports and wellbeing week. We have been thinking about our 5 ways to wellbeing. We have been doing Personal Best challenges and yoga, as well as karate (on Friday) and martial arts (Wow! Jay was a fantastic teacher!).

We have been making natural ‘Mandalas’ with stunning results. We also did some mindful group masterpieces using paint. We have written mantras and in RE wrote thank you prayers for our wonderful world.

Today we had a fabulous day at Harewood House. The weather was perfect and so were the children! (one of the parent helpers commented on their politeness and good behaviour – Well done Dentdale.) We had a great time finding out about the different birds and what they eat and where they come from. Then after lunch we went on a mini-beast hunt. We also worked in groups to make bug houses and left them there for the bugs to find. Some children want to make one at home now!

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