2 February 2018, Comments: 0

Wow! This is the name of Dentdale’s topic and we were definitely star struck today when Jonny Brownlee came in to our class before talking to the whole school in worship! We asked him some great questions and he told us lots of information. His top tip for anyone wanting to do well in sport is to enjoy it and work hard. He showed us his silver Olympic medal and some children held it. It was very big and surprisingly heavy. He says running is the hardest part of the triathlon but if he could only do one of the three, he would choose running. Yes, he does drink Yorkshire tea! What a really lovely athlete he is and everyone hopes he can win gold in Japan. We are all proud to have met him.

We have also been finding out about another famous person from the past…. Neil Armstrong. We enjoyed using different sources of evidence to find out about the first moon landing. We then imagined WE had been the first person on the moon and wrote a diary of that incredible voyage in 1969.

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