15 November 2019, Comments: 0

This week the Eco Ambassadors held a meeting about this terms project LITTER. In the meeting the younger children [Airedale, Dentdale and Swaledale] made amazing posters about litter and paper towels being wasted. George and Jovi made a rota for the litter pick that we are doing in the school grounds. Francis and Kacey found fire safe bins on the internet that we could have in school. Frankie, Tilly and Edie made a poster all about why we need bins outside to show to Mr Symonds.

Q+A with a litter picker.

Q: what is it like doing the litter pick?

A: it’s actually quite fun!

Q: how much waste did you collect?

A: probably quite a lot.

Q: was it fun doing the litter pick?

A: yeah!


Thank you for reading the Eco Blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Frankie, Teddy and the rest of the Eco Ambassadors.


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