19 July 2019, Comments: 0

In the big battery hunt we collected 2482 batteries. That means that we collected a lot of batteries! You can still bring in your batteries now, but they just won’t count in the big battery hunt. The battery bin is behind the key stage 2 entrance to the library. You may bring in your batteries whenever you want and tip them straight into the bin. Your batteries will be sent to be recycled and made into something different.

We would like to get involved with the cone exchange again this coming year at school. The cone exchange has been going for many years but it all started more than a decade ago. It started with one little boy in a wheelchair who wanted to make an angel out of a cardboard cone that would have just been thrown away. When the boy had finished his sister wanted to make one as well and now people all over the UK are creating them for any time of the year not only Christmas. The cone exchange now allows us to swap recyclable materials for credits which we can spend as a school on craft supplies. You can bring in foreign money that you don’t need any more or old mobile phones. You can also bring glasses, stamps and materials. All of these things we can take to the cone exchange in exchange for craft supplies.

Thank you for all your help in recycling!

Jack Bartholomew (Y5) & Emilia Shacklock (Y3)

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