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It seems strange to welcome everyone back to the start of the summer term after Easter. The school has remained open for the children of critical care workers but the new term will see staff regularly updating the e-learning platforms and regularly updating class blogs. The first newsletter of the new term will be sent out to everyone this week and the regular HT updates will appear on the school’s website.

The school’s website has a new tab with an important wellbeing tab added to support everyone who needs support and advice at this time. I would recommend that people have a look at the new tab which includes links to a wide range of websites that can help support the mental health of children and parents.

Mrs Wake has been busy over the last couple of days and has created a musical treat to lift the spirits and for everyone to enjoy. If you have not yet seen the video yet it can be found at the following link


Each class blog will be sharing the theme for learning over the term ahead; one shared theme will be encouraging children to explore ways of learning outside where safe. If anyone is able to upload a powerpoint, photo or slide to the school’s admin e mail address admin@richardtaylor.ycway.uk we will include it in a shared video celebrating the work being done outside school.

Children in Coverdale, Wharfedale and Wensleydale classes will start to use the See Saw learning platform from the start of the summer term. Login codes have all been sent out and activities will be posted onto this platform from now on. The aim is to have everyone in school using the same platform; those classes already using See Saw have found it a very user friendly platform

Wednesday 22nd of April is Earth Day and we hope to be able to send out some resources to some of our classes allowing them to take part in the activities and celebrations which will mark the day.

Some of you may have noticed the new blackboard noticeboard which has been attached to the school gates. If you are out on your daily exercise and find yourself passing the school please add a positive message for everyone to enjoy. You can see from the photograph below that it is already proving to be very popular.

The newsletter will share more of the fantastic activities which children have been up to at home.

One of the photographs below show some of the fairy gardens made by children in school last week as part of the Easter activities that they completed.

Where ever you are, stay safe, stay at home and stay healthy.

Andrew Symonds

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