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We need to begin this week by congratulating two groups of children who represented the school wonderfully last week.

Firstly congratulations to our year 5/6 netball teams who competed in freezing conditions last Tuesday in the Harrogate Schools Tournament. I am delighted to tell you that one of our teams has qualified for the regional finals. Well done to everyone who participated and thanks to Mrs Simpson and Mrs Warburton for taking the teams. Mrs Simpson had a very busy week as she also took our debating team to their competition on Friday. Whilst the team did not win I know that they performed brilliantly and impressed the judges; special mention also goes to Mrs Atkinson who worked hard to help prepare our team for the event.

On Monday and Tuesday this week Mrs Crisell is taking four young scientists from RTS to London where they have been invited to present their scientific research at the Crick Science Conference in London. We are the only primary school to have been invited to this nationally prestigious event which is a huge honour for the school. Look out for photos and reports about their experiences on the website next week. Good luck to Mrs Crisell and all of the children involved.

On Monday Morning Coverdale Class will be recording their environmental poetry for Stray FM which will go out on air as part of their green schools project in the near future. During the afternoon on Monday our Harrogate Theatre Drama Club will be visiting the Theatre to rehearse and perform to parents and family; thanks to Mrs Sanderson who will be accompanying the group.

Tuesday is our big spring term fundraiser as the Friends host their annual Bunny Bounce in the Hall; thank you to all of the friends who have offered their help and helped to organise the event. Please aim to get as many sponsors as you can to raise much needed funds for the school, thank you. On Tuesday afternoon we welcome Rev Alan Crump from the United Reformed Church to lead our worship.

On Wednesday morning we welcome the water safety team from the RNLI who will be giving safety talks to all children in school about the importance of knowing how to stay safe around water. In the afternoon our Eco Ambassadors will be leading our worship; they will be introducing the school to the environmental ‘Great Battery Hunt’.

Thursday is World Down’s Syndrome Day. It is a day which seeks to raise awareness as well as celebrating Down’s Syndrome; the theme this year is ‘leave no-one behind’. As part of our participation we are encouraging all children to wear brightly coloured odd socks (This is something that the charity recommends and we are happy to join in.) The day is to raise awareness and not raise money. There is no recommended donation and we hope that every child will join in. To find out more follow the link below:


On Friday the children from Wharfedale and Wensleydale will be visiting Eden Camp as part of their study of Britain during World War Two.

At the weekend members of the choir will be practising for their special ‘Kids Aloud’ concert with the children from schools in Nepal. RTS will be welcoming some of these children next week which is something to look forward to.

Finally I am delighted to say that we are well over halfway in our attempt to sell 90kg of fairtrade rice to fund education for a child in Malawi. If you have not yet brought you rice please put in your order this week before we run out.

The photograph below shows the winners of last week’s Yellow Jumper.

Andrew Symonds


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