20 January 2019, Comments: 0

Monday starts with a real treat for all of the children as they enjoy the M&M pantomime production of Beauty and the Beast. These are always high quality performances enjoyed by all.

We welcome Jan Johnson to school on Monday afternoon when she will be leading our worship and announcing the class winner of the Children’s Society Christingle Box competition. Monday also ends with week three of the Harrogate Theatre after school drama club.

Choir will continue on Wednesday after school as will week two of the year 5/6 Tchouckball competition at Harrogate High School.

On Thursday we are delighted to welcome Mrs Zealand back to school who will be leading a street dance club this half term.

So far this winter we have been lucky to avoid the worst of the snowy conditions that we have experienced in previous years although colder conditions are forecast for the next few weeks. The school will always contact parents by text to inform they of any changes to the school day caused by snow or ice. Please stick to the gritted pathways and give yourself extra time to get to school remembering that getting into school safely is always our greatest priority for children, staff and parents.

I am delighted to say that I was able to get back into school for a couple of afternoons last week. It was great to be back and see everyone again; it is frustrating that my break is taking so long to heal properly but I do hope to be around school more next week. One of my first jobs next week will be to photograph our new yellow jumper winners and worship ambassadors; their photographs will be added to the blog early next week.

Andrew Symonds

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