7 March 2021, Comments: 0

Monday 8th March is a day of national significance and one that we have all looked forward to since the news of the latest lockdown was announced in early January. We are delighted to be able to bring the two halves of our school community back together in their class bubbles. The children who have worked in school will be looking forward to seeing friends again whilst the children who have been learning at home for the last two months will be able to return to their classrooms and learn with class mates and teachers again.

For everyone whose children are feeling excited or a little bit nervous, please tell them that all of the teachers will be feeling exactly the same but we are ready to work together to rebuild our school community.

The systems in place will feel very similar to the set up which was in place for the last full re-opening in September. All of the evidence from the autumn term shows us that the children are amazingly resilient; they made fantastic progress and grew in confidence when they were back in school. This is exactly what we want for all of our children for the remainder of the school year.

Our priorities are to welcome every child back to school, to fully support them emotionally and academically and to make sure that we keep school open for every child. We have seen first hand the impact of positive tests and we want to work with all of our parents to make sure we stay COVID-19 free and allow our children to begin to flourish in school again. Please follow the guidance that we have shared and if you have any doubts about your child being ill, remain alert and cautious, get them tested and please protect the class bubbles.

As we move forward there will be many more communications from school as we return step by step to a world where it is safer to mix more freely. Until then I think that it is important to celebrate the act of re-opening of school to all of our children.

I will end by quoting Captain Sir Tom Moore who wisely said, ‘My today was all right and my tomorrow will certainly be better. That’s the way I’ve always looked at life. Tomorrow will be a good day!’

Mr Symonds

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