20 May 2020, Comments: 0

Good Morning and welcome to what has been labelled, national thank a teacher day. I would like to start by thanking all of the wonderful teachers at school for their hard work over the period of lockdown. I also need to make sure that my thanks are extended to the whole community at RTS. Our teaching assistants have worked alongside our teachers every step of the way, our office team have worked incredibly hard and our cleaning team have been superb.

A school is a community of many parts and when you begin to consider who to thank you realise what a long list it is.

I would also include the children and parents who have consistently supported the school and found a way to learn at home.

This is an important day for everyone, we will be sending out the schools plan for the 1st of June, alongside a letter from the YCST executive headteacher Mr Chris Burt which will hopefully answer many of your questions. Please be guided that these careful plans are based upon the latest guidance which could still change before the 1st of June.

Finally, our Wednesday worship link can be found below, please enjoy and look out for a special gallery of work which Mrs Wake has created for everyone to enjoy. Special thanks to Mr Starkey for pulling it all together.

Please find link to Wednesday Worship below!


Andrew Symonds

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