HART Alliance

Harrogate and Rural Teaching Alliance

Because we believe collaboration and purposeful practice are the key tools for developmental growth and that professional growth in a school led system is the best way to secure long term effective school improvement we have chosen become a member of a teaching school alliance.

We are very proud to be a full strategic member of the Harrogate and Rural Teaching Alliance (HART). We work in partnership with the designated teaching school Askwith Community Primary School, one of only two within the local authority, to support the delivery of six key aims:

1. Play a greater role in training new entrants to the profession via initial teacher training (ITT)

2. Lead peer-to-peer professional and leadership development (CPD & Leadership)

3. Identify and develop leadership potential

4. Provide support for other schools

5. Designate and broker Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs)

6. Engage in research and development

Being a member of the Teaching School Alliance means that we are in a position to provide our services to other schools and access programmes to benefit all learners via the alliance.

For more information please visit the HART website by clicking on the logo below.

HART Alliance