Reports & Statistics

Ofsted, SIAMS and LEA Inspection

The school was last inspected by Ofsted in April 2017.

The School was last inspected under the Inspection of Anglican Schools Framework in December 2012. The inspector in her report stated that:

The Christian character of the school has a major impact on pupils’ spiritual, moral and social development. Relationships throughout are characterised by care and concern for each other. Parents say that pupils of all faiths and none are affirmed and that the Christian values of the school give children a clear framework by which to live their lives.

The key strengths of the SIAS report were:
  • The strong and inspirational Christian leadership of the head teacher supported by a committed staff.
  • The friendship and care for each other which characterises the relations between all members of the school community.
  • The outstanding relationship between the school and the church which offers support to parents and wider community.

The school was last inspected by Ofsted in April 2017,  The inspector in her report stated that:

‘The school lives out its Christian and British values with integrity and fervour. There is a tangible sense of community, care, respect of, and value for, others as soon as you enter the school and as pupils and staff carry out their daily work. The nine values chosen by pupils (friendship, trust, respect, determination, sportsmanship, forgiveness, peace, responsibility and service) lie at the heart of the very successful development of pupils’ personal qualities. These values also contribute well to pupils’ roles as active citizens in the school and the wider community.’

The Key strengths of the Ofsted Report from April 2017 were:
  • Inspirational and inclusive leadership has kindled a strong sense of teamwork and aspiration among other leaders, governors and staff. They feel privileged to work at Richard Taylor.
  • The rich and varied curriculum is enhanced through many interesting activities within and beyond the school day. It excites and enthuses pupils. Together with worship, religious education and the personal, social and health curriculum, it contributes to pupils’ admirable spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
  • Parents, staff and pupils are very positive about the care, support and education that is provided.
  • Real strengths in the school include the high-quality relationships developed between adults and pupils and the care and support that pupils afford each other. Pupils are interested and willing to learn. They speak positively about their learning and the challenging personal targets they have to meet. They say they are happy in this friendly school.
  • Governors are ambitious for the school, they visit regularly and strive to improve their effectiveness through regular training.


The school’ meets with its Educational Development Advisor, provided by the Local Authority, three times a year to review progress. At her most recent visit our EDA met with pupils from Year 6. Below is an extract from her report.

The work was of an exceptionally high quality; pupils shared their cross-curricular writing across a range of genres, mainly linked to interesting and motivating topics and themes such as ‘The Titanic’, ‘Beowulf’, ‘World War 2’ and ‘Heroes’. The pupils displayed an excellent general knowledge and their writing was imaginative, thoughtful and very interesting. The pupils talked about their favourite authors and their preferred writing styles – one pupil is currently writing five novels, another regularly enters writing competitions. The pupils were very articulate and thoroughly explained the way writing, handwriting and spelling is taught at the school. Their knowledge of spelling, grammar and punctuation was excellent; for example, they could very confidently explain their understanding of the use of adverbial phrases, personification and shades of meaning.

All of these judgements reflect the excellent teamwork and shared goals across the school. We set high standards for ourselves and continue to seek to challenge ourselves to improve and develop in identified areas. I am, proud to be the leader of such a dedicated and talented team