General Maths Resources

These resources are designed to help parents support children with learning mathematics, towards the end of Year 5 or the start of Year 6. They contain practical, real-life examples which can greatly enhance a child’s learning.

Each card has a number of activities, but it is best not to try to cover everything in one go. Each card will provide enough activities for three or four short sessions and the in-between time will allow them to reflect on their learning.

The activities are designed to be stand-alone. However, it is likely that they will link to what the child is currently doing in class.

For a copy of our Calculations PolicyClick Here

Reading bar charts and tables – Click Here

Using a calculator – Click Here

Understanding decimals – Click Here

Fractions – Click Here

Interpreting line graphs – Click Here

Number facts – Click Here

Using a protractor – Click Here

Reading scales – Click Here

Scaling up and scaling down – Click Here

Learning about shapes – Click Here

Time and time lines – Click Here

Understanding timetables and 24-hour clocks – Click Here

Foundation Years

Exploring Mathematics in the Early Years should be fun for both children and parents. But sometimes it can be hard to know where to begin and where to find out more.  Mathematics in the Early Years is a great website with lots of information, to take a look – Click Here

NRICH enriching mathematics

The NRICH Project aims to enrich the mathematical experiences of all learners.  As a parent or carer you’re sure to be interested in your child’s mathematical learning, and we have many resources which will help.

Sometimes you’ll want to discuss and think about a problem together. Sometimes it makes sense to be silent and let your child discover for themselves. Sometimes you’ll be a student yourself – learning as you go. You’ll find that the menus on NRICH are organised either for teachers or for students, but don’t feel left out. As a parent or carer sometimes you’ll be one, sometimes the other. Feel free to explore both.

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