10 May 2020, Comments: 0

Hello Nidderdalers,


Hope you enjoyed the VE Day celebrations. Don’t forget to send some pictures in of your activities, we’d love to see them.

This week, our focus is mainly animals and the natural world. Our English links to ‘Where the Wild Things Are, science is animal related and Mrs Anthony has a flowery card idea to share on Tuesday. There’ll be more activities released as the week goes on.

Maths concentrates on data handling this week. I’ll be asking you to collect some data of your own as well.

We’d also like your recommendations of a good local walk – somewhere you’ve been on your daily exercise perhaps. Please upload a photo or two as well.

I’m in school tomorrow, so I won’t be looking at your work until Tuesday, when I’ll have a busy day catching up!

Have a good week,

Mrs Wake

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