22 March 2020, Comments: 0

Greetings Nidderdalers

We are only using Seesaw this week – reasons below.

I’ve uploaded a few activities onto Seesaw for you to have a look at and complete over the next week. You can either download them or have a go at completing them online. Once finished, save or upload a photo of your document/poster. Seesaw doesn’t use Word so a photo of a Word document is ok and you can always add a comment to your post. I will check in with them at some point, but I will also be in school for at least two days, so don’t expect instant responses.

Year 4 don’t forget your mental maths please, test 10 this week. I’ll post the answers at some point so you can check them.

Also, you can use any of the suggested online activities – I will set a TTrockstars battle for some time this week – Boys, this is your chance!

It would be lovely to see some photos of you doing other things that don’t involve using a screen. They can be uploaded to Seesaw too. For example, there are plenty of active things and Lego challenges you can do.


We are not using Teams yet because it isn’t yet working properly. I will speak to the technicians again but access for children should be restricted to Nidderdale and it isn’t yet for some reason. Please DO NOT try to email or phone anyone or add outside people to chats. If you do your account is likely to be suspended or deactivated.

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