1 December 2017, Comments: 0

This week in Ribblesdale we have been scientists! We have listened to stories about scientists, visited the space dome, made snow and learned how it was an irreversible change (though real snow can be melted back into water!) and learned all about many different types of plants and trees at Harlow Carr.

We particularly enjoyed our trip to Harlow Carr. We spent lots of time looking around in the morning. Then, in the afternoon, Elizabeth taught us how to weave willow into Christmas decorations. It was very tricky! After that she taught us all about six types of trees and plants. She knew lots of interesting facts! Thank you Elizabeth! Thank you also to the adults who helped out.

Whilst we haven’t been busy as scientists, we have been very busy practising for our Nativity! The songs are sounding beautiful, and many of our Year 2’s already know their lines! Please practise them at home.

In our busy week, we have still managed to fit in some phonics – wow! Year 1’s have been showing us how clever they are, learning all about the split digraph e_e. They have spotted it in words such as ‘these’ and ‘theme’. Year 2’s have been recapping all of their split digraphs.

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