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Erin Prickles likes to sniff out sensational science. She loves exploring and making discoveries about the world around her. Join Miss Prickles to learn what she has sniffed out in school and her quest to find lots of ways to enjoy science at home.

Miss Prickles is keen to protect the environment for her friends and families.  Click on the TEDx logo to take a look what we are doing at RTS.


Student scientists from Richard Taylor CE Primary School in Harrogate were the youngest to showcase their cutting-edge research findings at the third anniversary celebration of the Institute for Research in Schools (IRIS) at The Francis Crick Institute in London.

Science at Home

Erin has found some great website for you to enjoy Science at Home

PSTT (Primary Science Teaching Trust)


BBC KS1 Learning at Home

BBC KS2 Learning at Home

STEM Learning

The Royal Institution –This a particular favourite of Erin’s at Christmas

Whizz Pop Bang-This is Erica’s favourite weekend read. We enjoy reading these a school too.

The Great Science Share. We all love sharing our science at RTS. Erin loves all the amazing science ideas going on in other schools too.

Science at Home