4 February 2018, Comments: 0


Today we had a very special assembly with superstar triathlete Johnny Brownlee! Because Ribblesdale and Dentdale are studying inspiring people, he was invited to school to meet with them and to answer some of our questions. First, he showed us a silver medal that he won in 2012 London Olympics. We were all really inspired by his chat with us and many people wanted to ask him a question.

Chloe asked, “How old were you when you first started doing triathlons?”

Johnny told us that he was six when he started and he started because at the time, his mother was a swimmer and his dad was a runner. In addition, his uncle had recently done a triathlon, which inspired him to do one himself. It was a great experience for the whole school. One of the questions asked by year six sports ambassador, Megan was, “Where and how do you train?” His reply was, “I train all over; I use the Leeds University swimming pool, Alistair and I go to Spain and Switzerland a lot too.”

Maisie, another year six sports ambassador, asked, “Do you like racing with your brother?” His answer to this was, he did, although, sometimes he felt it got annoying when his brother was always first and him second.” The last question was asked by Mrs Jackson, “Has anything funny ever happened to you in a race?”

He said, “There was this one time in France when me and my brother jumped onto our bikes, and mine felt slightly taller than usual. We later found out, after I won that race, that he had taken my bike and left me with his! I was not happy but at least I won.”

After that, sports ambassadors got a photo with him.

We really enjoyed our experience and are grateful that for his visit to our school – thanks for coming Johnny!


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