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Hi Swaledale!

If you are having any trouble logging in to your seesaw account please let the office know and we can forward your login details.

We’re looking forward to adding some exciting activities for you to do on seesaw. We would also love to see and hear about all the things you are doing at home. Maybe you have started a project or have been discovering something new. We will try and update the activities as often as we can, but also want you to think of other ways of learning and discovering new skills.

Remember to think about ways you can incorporate the 5 areas of well being (There are a few ideas here)

BE ACTIVE – Go for a local walk with your family, see if you can spot rainbows in people’s windows. Tune into Joe Wicks live PE lesson at 9am on his Youtube channel. Challenge yourself- how long can you run on the spot for? How many jumps/starjumps/burpees can you do in 1 minute?

KEEP LEARNING – Which times tables do you know off by heart? How quickly can you write them down? Do you know the corresponding divisions? Can you learn a song to go with them or use bbc supermovers to sing and dance to the times tables. Can you keep a daily diary of what you have been doing? We would love to read them. Try to make sure you read every day.

TAKE NOTICE – look out for signs of spring in your local area/garden. Can you hear the birds singing? Can you identify which birds they are by their song or what they look like?

CONNECT – Think of new ways you can connect with family and friends that you might not be able to see. Could you send them something in the post or write an email?

GIVE – Give your time. Help around the house, for example, set out the things you and your family need for a meal time, wash up, fold clothes and put them away.

Useful websites:
(lots of online lessons)


www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rz0go1pTda8 (Joe Wicks live PE lessons 9am every weekday- can also be viewed afterwards)

www.topmarks.co.uk (hit the button is great for practising times tables/divisions)

https://www.twinkl.co.uk/offer (enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS to access countless free resources)

We will put regular updates/activities/suggestions on here each week and will look forward to seeing what fun things you are doing.

Mrs Norman and Mrs Heard x

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