20 April 2020, Comments: 0

Welcome to the summer term everyone. I hope you have had a lovely time with your families over the Easter holidays and you have all enjoyed the lovely weather, which has been great for outdoor exercise. As I don’t live near school, I don’t get the chance to bump into anyone as I go on my long cycles, walks or runs, but that doesn’t stop me thinking of you all. I hope too that the Easter bunny was kind to you and you have had plenty of chocolate (I know I have!).


Some time last week, you would have received an email from us letting you know your password for Seesaw – this is a new e-learning platform, which I am sure you will find much more user friendly. Once you have logged on, you will find in the assignment box a number of activities for you to do this week. I would recommend you look at the timetable first, as it will show the daily maths, English and ‘other’ task you could do. These are just ideas and you can choose what and when you do it, as I understand some of you will be sharing computers or tablets with your siblings and would not always have access to the internet all of the time. I would still like you to do the mental maths work, however as there is a new reading comprehension that I have posted for one of the days, try that instead of the one from your book as it is always nice to do alternative things. As you get more familiar with Seesaw, you will find you can take photographs of your work and annotate the photograph with the pen tool. Alternatively, you could write directly onto Seesaw and post that for me to read. You could even have a go at speaking into the microphone to tell me what you have done and how you did it! There is no right or wrong way to do this – just do what is best for you.


If you have read Mr Symonds’ blog, you will see a link to some work Mrs Wake has done over the holidays. We all had great fun adding our little bit and I think you would agree, the final piece is really lovely. You can see it on https://youtu.be/yIqOGEzKuOw

You know we all love science at RTS and we have all been thinking about lots of benefits to us all being in lockdown. I would love you to research some of these and the positive effects and changes that this has all brought to the environment. Although I haven’t posted this on Seesaw, this could be a little challenge for you to do. This can be presented in any way you like, because I know what an imaginative bunch you all are.


From today (Monday 20th April), BBC Bitesize daily are also publishing online lessons. There is a new dedicated TV channel full of learning, podcasts and educational videos on iplayer. Have a look; something on there might inspire you. I have had a look at them and they seem good – it is not just about maths and English, but geography, history, science and wellbeing too.


Have a look at the wellbeing tab on our RTS homepage, which is jam packed with websites that have been added for everyone who needs help and support at this time.

And finally, please keep in touch as we are missing you all. Just a reminder – always be mindful of our school values and keep safe and well.

Keep smiling.

Lots of love from Mrs Saunderson, Mrs Whiteley and the Wharfedale team x




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