17 January 2020, Comments: 0

By Owen and Jack

Bob’s hair cut:

On Monday, in worship we had some volunteers to cut Bob the lollypop man’s hair for charity. He was very nervous about this as he was having it done in front of the whole school!


In Maths, we have been learning about the perimeter and area of shapes. We have also been learning about two rectangles joined together called compound or rectilinear shapes.


This week we have been focusing on our upper body strength. This will help us to gain balance and also help us to work towards our routines that we will be performing to Mrs Saunderson at the end of term.

Guided reading:

We had a fun day on Thursday, we got into groups and went into different rooms in school and answered questions about a story we read. This was different from Guided Reading before Christmas when we read ‘Wonder’ as a class novel.

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